7 Ways to Beautify Your Side Yard

It’s no secret that the side-yard is sometimes overlooked as an important part of residential landscaping. “Often neglected, seldom perfected” might easily apply as its mantra. However, side yards are an important pathway between the front and back areas of the home. Good landscaping can convert something ordinary into a visual Wonderland, and it doesn’t […]

How We’re Handling COVID-19

At Oasis, the health and well-being of our customers, team members, and communities is our top priority. We understand the concern and uncertainty you may be experiencing surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and we are committed to being responsive to the needs of our customers and team members as the situation evolves. WHAT WE ARE DOING TO […]

5 Benefits of Sod

1. Instant Gratification Once the sod is installed, your lawn will look finished immediately! 2. Less Maintenance  Sod doesn’t need a lot of watering after it sets, which saves you money and time. 3. Less Costs Sod may cost more upfront, but seeding your lawn costs more over time due to maintenance, weed control and more. […]

Do You Need A Sprinkler System Repair?

It is inevitable your lawn’s sprinkler system won’t last forever. Problems will arise, but when do you know if you need help? Don’t fret. The team at Oasis Landscapes and Irrigation is here to help maintain and repair your sprinkler system. In the world of sprinkler systems, there are three common problems that often lead to […]

Gardening in the Damp and Shade

Przewalski's golden ray is a perennial that grows in damp environments.

Don’t be disheartened by the myth that all gardens need perfect sunny conditions. All it takes to garden in those wet, shady spots is a plan and a little ingenuity. Every yard and garden has what we like to call “trouble spots,” those places that seem perpetually moist and that the only use for them […]

Choosing a Color Palette for Your Garden

Picture in your mind an empty canvas. It is plain white until a painter steps up to it and begins brushing onto it different colors in different patterns. A skilled painter is deliberate in his choice of colors. He doesn’t simply throw together an arbitrary mix of colors, but works with a color palette specific […]

Going Native: The Benefits of Landscaping With Native Plants

The bright yellow lobed coreopsis is a native of the southeastern United States.

As the interest in home gardening continues to grow throughout Georgia’s cities and rural areas, we find more and more customers asking about “going native,” the term landscape designers use to refer to plants that are native to the area. In essence, native vegetation is designed to live in the local climate and the soil […]