Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Southerners love eating and outdoor entertaining with family and friends. That’s one of the reasons why in recent years more and more homeowners have added outdoor kitchens, complete with cooking surfaces, sinks, and even refrigerators.

Residential landscaping. Brick paver patio with fire pit and small pergola

Fire Pits: Great for any Season

But what if your style is more low-key? Perhaps your outdoor cooking skills don’t extend beyond s’mores, or your idea of a pleasant evening includes a glass of wine in front of a roaring fire. An excellent option for you may be a fire pit.

Simply speaking, a fire pit is any form of an enclosed campfire. It can be as simple as a hole in the ground surrounded by stones or as elaborate as a custom stone creation with a gas supply. Fire pits can burn wood, gas, or even glass. The fact that they lend themselves to a variety of styles is one reason why fire pits have become so popular.

Another reason for their popularity is that fire pits provide heat. This makes them an ideal way to entertain outdoors during the fall when the weather is cool and crisp.  If you’re interested in a fire pit, first, you need to determine the optimal site for your fire pit. To be safe, it should be in an open area, away from your house, and any brush or overhanging branches. Also, you want to avoid areas with a lot of foot traffic or play equipment. Because you need some kind of patio to place it on, installing a fire pit is an excellent opportunity for a custom hardscape. It can also incorporate a stone wall, pool, fountain, or other outdoor features. These additional features frequently mirror the fire pit’s round shape, such as curving or semi-circular walls that also provide seating.

Our professional landscape designers can plan and install a custom fire pit for you. It’s sure to be a favorite place in your yard for many years to come.

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Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces are the epitome of comfort and style for larger outdoor living spaces. They provide a grand ambiance, with plenty of customization options. Whatever you’re starting with can be easily incorporated or adjusted so that the finished product is seamless and impressive on all counts.

One of the most popular design choices is a flagstone fireplace, as they appeal to the best of rustic and elegant styles. Especially in cities like Atlanta, where we have a nice balance of nature and development, flagstone hardscaping elements fit in particularly well.

Guests and family can gather close to get warm, or back away to enjoy just the smell the firelight, making the fireplace an excellent patio centerpiece for outdoor entertaining and relaxing.

Residential landscaping. Outdoor living patio with water feature

Similar to fire pits, fireplaces can function well in addition to an outdoor kitchen. They can be built into a larger project to have all the prep area and even additional cooking options that you might want. 

One advantage of a full outdoor fireplace is that it can sit along the side of your patio, freeing up space in the middle for a table, more seating, whatever else you might need. This could be something to consider if you’re choosing between a fireplace or fire pit since fire pits need to be more in the middle of a patio.

Since they are permanent structures, there are considerations to building fireplaces to compliment your landscape. That’s where our experienced landscape designers and architects can offer their expertise in making the most of such an impactful addition. 

There are opportunities for gas or wood-burning fireplaces, so your options are open. It’s all about making you more comfortable in your new outside living room.

If you’re looking to add a fire pit or fireplace to your home, contact us and we’ll be happy to get started.


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