Fall Planting: 7 Reasons Why Fall is a Great Time to Plant

When discussing factors affecting plant growth in the yard, enthusiasts are quick to note soil quality, plant quality, sun exposure, and location. While these are contributing factors, people often neglect timing. Yes! The time you plant affects the growth of the plant.  If you ask when is perfect for planting, the most common response you’ll get is spring. But while spring is indeed a good time to plant, fall planting is the best time to plant and get very healthy plants.  

Suppose you’re wondering why this is true, continue reading to find out. We will discuss some of the advantages of fall planting. We’ll also share a few plants and shrubs you can add to your planting project for the fall season. 

Advantages of Fall Planting

Fall is indeed a great time to plant. The following are some of the advantages attesting to this. 

Reason 1: Moderate Temperature 

Fall typically comes with cool mornings, warm afternoons, and chilly nights, making it the best time to grow new plants. Plants derive so much comfort from this moderate temperature they don’t get during spring. They have less demand for water from roots, have fewer weeds to contend with, and fewer bugs to avoid. 

Atlanta, Georgia, is an ideal place to enjoy moderate temperatures for fall planting. The southern climate offers exciting gardening energy and mildly dry soil that makes you spend an extended time in the garden without getting as tired and sweaty as you’ll be during spring. With this, you can create a stress-free environment for the plants for healthy and robust growth.

Reason 2: Lower Maintenance 

Planting during spring or summer means consistently watering your plants throughout the first month. This is a tiresome but necessary maintenance requirement if you want your plants to survive during these seasons. However, if you plant during fall, you don’t need to do much watering.  

Apart from your water supply, the plants also get a natural supply from rainfall, which is sure to pour during this season. The best part is that the rain soaks into the ground to keep the soil cool. This means less irrigation and lower overall maintenance.  

Reason 3: Easy Identification of Open Spots  

Fall is the best time to add new plants because it’s the season when you can quickly identify gaps between your plants. Whether you need to fill an open spot or want spring blooms to pop out in one bed, fall is the perfect time.   

However, it’s important to note how long into fall you can plant some trees and shrubs. In southern regions like Atlanta, September is an excellent time to plant shrubs and trees. October is a great period to overseed or aerate fescue lawns. Noting this timing difference helps you make the right choice.  

Reason 4: Vast Availability of Quality Plants 

Fall undeniably has a vast availability of quality plant stock. You can get the best shrubs, trees, and bare-rooted plants to grow in your garden during this period. The best part is that there are attractive discounts at the end of growing seasons.  

This means you can get good deals by purchasing quality plants twice as many as the ones you’ll typically get in seasons like spring for the same amount. But before you go shopping, research and identify plants that grow well in Atlanta and will thrive well in mildly dry soil in the city.  

Reason 5: Optimal Fertilization  

Plants enjoy optimal fertilization this season because the temperature is cooler during fall, and precipitation is predictable. The possibility of rainfall means plant roots can absorb more nutrients than they will in other seasons.  

For example, optimal nitrogen absorption facilitates vigorous, colorful, and leafy growth, while adequate phosphorus absorption develops strong roots. Plants also absorb potassium better during the fall season.

Reason 6: Bonus Growth Season  

Growing your plant in spring means the plants have to deal with summer stresses, including weeds, bugs, possible droughts, and heat. This is why spring plants require a whole year to grow.  

On the other hand, fall planting offers a bonus growth season that includes a chilly growing season, winter rest, and another growing season before summer arrives. This offers your plants a unique dimension that’s hard to enjoy in other seasons.  

Reason 7: Fast Seed Germination  

If you’re adding seeds to your garden, rest assured it will germinate in fall faster than you expected. With the ideal weather and soil type in Georgia, US, you can grow a new lawn, fill the open patches of an existing lawn, and sow meadow planting, all depending on your preference. The fall season offers a good time and soil for all these activities.  

Notable Plants for Fall Planting  

Best Trees for Fall Planting

Some of the plants you can grow during fall in Atlanta, Georgia, include the following: 

  • Red Maple, Japanese Maple 
  • Pin Oak, Willow Oak, Shumard Oak 
  • Crape Myrtle
  • River Birch
Crape Myrtle
Red Maple

Shrubs to Grow During Fall

Below are some of the shrubs that grow well in the mildly dry soil of Atlanta: 

  • Burning Bush
  • Oakleaf Hydrangea 
Burning Bush
Oakleaf Hydrangea

Final Thoughts on Planting in the Fall

Fall remains the best time to plant in your garden for many good reasons, most of which we have discussed in this post.  

Leveraging this information will help you make valuable planting decisions to improve your planting project. It’s as pleasing as it sounds.