Healthy Summer Lawns – Top 8 Tips

The summer is a great time to get out and enjoy the sunshine, but it can also be tough on your lawn. The heat can turn lush green grass into a dry, brown mess in just one day. If you want to keep your lawn looking good throughout the season there are plenty of things that you can do to help it along. Here are our top 8 tips for keeping your lawn healthy this summer!

  1. Mow at the right height
    Maintaining a beautiful lawn is more than just cutting the grass every week. You should also keep in mind that you can adjust your mower’s height to make sure it isn’t too high or low for the type of grass. And even if you want your grass lower, cutting too low in one pass can damage the lawn and hinder future grass growth.
  2. Sharpen your blade
    A sharp mower blade will reduce the impact on your lawn by cutting one clean stroke. Blunt blades are more likely to rip your grass apart than cut it. Taking the time to sharpen mower blades, or have a professional sharpen them, makes the job faster and cleaner.
  3. Water Properly
    Watering early or late in the day ensures the summer heat can’t evaporate remaining water before your lawn gets the chance to absorb it. Those roots will need at least an inch worth of water per week throughout summer, so deep watering when the day is cooler makes the most of your time and resources.
  4. Treat for grubs
    Grubs are an important part of the ecosystem, but they can be a problem in your lawn. For example, grubs will eat grass roots and destroy sod. To control them quickly and effectively apply the appropriate products to target your issues. Not all insects are bad news, so diagnosing and treating the right problem is an important step.
  5. Keep Fido’s presents cleaned up (especially urine)
    Pet urine is so high in nitrogen (among other things) that it can essentially over-fertilize a section of your lawn and scorch it. And given the tendency to return to the same spot over time, this is the fast lane to burnt brown patches.
  6. Fertilize warm-season grasses
    We all know that the right amount of a good fertilizer is one of the keys to a healthy lawn, but timing is important. Spring and early summer are an important time to apply fertilizer because warm season grasses grow best around 70ºF. Applying too much fertilizer when summer is at peak temperatures will just burn out the lawn faster, but with proper timing your grass will grow stronger and tolerate heat and dry spells better.
  7. Apply weed control
    There are different types of weed control for pre-emergent and post-emergent. Applying the different types of weed control will tackle the same problem slightly differently. The result is less weeds using up nutrients and overtaking the lawn.
  8. Don’t crush it (keep cars off the lawn, pick up toys and chairs, etc.) 
    Grasses can be very resilient, but extended periods of time under weight will inhibit growth. Not only is the affected section missing sunlight, but the soil compacts over and around the roots making recovery more difficult.

With the right landscaping care and maintenance for your property, you can enjoy a lush lawn all summer long! Just keep these 8 tips in mind to grow and maintain your perfect yard. If you’d like our experienced teams to take the worry off your hands, reach out by calling us today at 770.609.1818 or visit We would love to help you make the most of your outdoor living this summer!

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