8 Ways to Incorporate Residential Artificial Turf in Your Property 

Hands installing a roll of artificial grass on the ground.

When it comes to residential properties, artificial turf isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. It is often assumed to look fake and unattractive. The use of artificial grass can be a great alternative to natural grass, though. With real grass, you have to keep in mind the upkeep it requires and how the climate in your area can affect it. Adding synthetic turf to your property can help cut the cost of upkeep, and it’s much more durable than real grass in high traffic areas or environments that would damage it.  

Over the years, artificial grass has become more than the typical fake, plastic turf that’s imagined. At Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation, we consider artificial turf to be a beneficial and beautiful addition to your home. Our team has put together eight ways you can incorporate synthetic turf onto your property and keep it stylish. Here are a few ideas to consider: 

Close-up of various artificial grass samples on a white background.
Synthetic artificial grass.

1. Front Yard and Backyard Landscaping 

Artificial grass can work well in front yard and backyard landscaping in different ways. Maintaining a lawn requires work, from mowing it to watering it, and can lead to you spending a lot of time and money to do so. A yard comprised of synthetic turf saves you time and money, though, and aside from a general lawn, artificial turf can also be used to line paths and walkways around your home. Taking care of small strips of grass can be a hassle, while artificial turf requires little care in these spots. Overall, the use of it can reduce the hassle in the long run and create an outdoor space that’s pristine and green all year round.  

2. Driveway Accents 

Having a nice driveway provides a clean look for your property, but adding extra touches with artificial turf can enhance it even more. For concrete driveways, the addition of a grass strip down the center creates a pop of color. If you have a flagstone driveway, you can add synthetic turf between the stones to fill in the space. Both looks can be difficult to create with real grass since the grass can be hard to plant in smaller spaces and can become compacted over time from vehicles driving over it. With artificial grass, however, you can add a fresh, textured look without difficulty. 

3. Pet Potty and Play Areas 

Synthetic turf is a great way to create an outdoor space for your dog, which can serve as a play or potty area. With real grass, it can become discolored over time by pet urine, or your dog can dig into it and damage it. Grass can also house fleas, ticks, and natural chemicals you don’t want to get on your dog. With an artificial turf patch, though, you have a space that can easily be cleaned, won’t discolor, and won’t cause your dog discomfort if they have allergies. 

4. Balcony and Terrace Covers 

In smaller residential areas, such as apartments, you may not have a lot of outdoor space to work with. For small spaces like balconies and terraces, you can add artificial turf as floor covering. It’s low maintenance and adds a lush and comfortable aesthetic to your outdoor space. The turf pairs well with outdoor furniture and can complement a rooftop or balcony garden beautifully.  

Close-up of lush green lawn with outdoor furniture and orange cushions.

5. Courtyard Accents and Patches 

Patches of artificial grass can break up the monotony of concrete and other hardscapes in your courtyard or patio area. For smaller spots, it’s impractical to maintain a small block of real grass. With synthetic turf, you can add splashes of green underneath your furniture and in between stones and pavement without the need for extensive upkeep. You can also implement it into any slopes around your outdoor space and surround the area with a lively and vibrant look you and your guests will love. 

6. Putting Greens and Sports Fields 

Adding artificial turf is not always for maintaining an aesthetic or making your upkeep convenient. It can also be used for entertainment purposes, like building a putting green or a sports field. For golfing enthusiasts, a backyard can easily be turned into your own personal putting space that you and your family can enjoy. You can also achieve a flat, even space with artificial grass for games like bocce ball and lawn darts. There’s no worry about uneven ground or a need to mow the lawn space. 

7. Play Areas for Children 

Using synthetic turf can be beneficial for kid-friendly areas on your property. It creates an even surface to eliminate holes and prevent tripping. Real grass may require pesticides and herbicides you don’t want your kids to get on them, which artificial turf doesn’t need. As a safe and non-toxic cover, it can also be a game changer for kids with grass-related allergies. It works well under play structures like slides, monkey bars, and jungle gyms, creating a bright and fun space for kids to play on. Pads can also be added under the turf to form a softer cushion and prevent injury. 

Close-up of green artificial turf in a play area

8. Swimming Pool Areas 

In the heat of the summer, the concrete around your pool can become unbearably hot. Bordering your pool with artificial grass can help to keep it cool and comfortable to walk across. Real grass can become damaged and waterlogged from an overabundance of water or chlorine splashing onto it. With synthetic turf, though, you don’t have to worry about water damage, and it can add a stylish pop of color to the swimming area. 

Install Residential Artificial Turf with Oasis 

Getting your outdoor space to look fresh and green all year round is an ideal goal, and artificial grass can be a great solution to achieving that. If you’re looking to incorporate residential artificial turf into your outdoor space, get in touch with our team at Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation. We offer a wide selection of quality artificial grass to choose from and provide professional turf installation services for both residential and commercial properties. Contact us today for more information on our services or to schedule an installation.