Eight Spring Garden Ideas

spring garden ideas

Spring is here, and we’re bursting with new enthusiasm and new ways to improve your outdoor space. From preparation to planting, our spring garden ideas will help you put your best gardening foot forward. Spring Garden Checklist Getting your garden ready for spring is a lot like spring cleaning. It’s time to take stock and […]

Frost Damaged Plants: Recovery and Care

frost damaged plants.

A hard freeze warning strikes fear into the hearts of both professional and amateur gardeners each winter. Especially in the normally mild South, where freezing temperatures often result in frost damaged plants. In December of 2022, the Atlanta area endured two days where temperatures neared record lows. Many shrubs sustained damaged leaves and defoliation. Do […]

Winter Pruning Tips for Southern Gardeners

winter bush

The leaves are off the trees, warm season grasses have gone dormant. Spring bulbs are planted. It may seem like all of your landscape tasks are complete for the year. However, if you want to put your best gardening foot forward next spring, consider winter pruning. Pruning flowering shrubs and fruiting trees is essential to […]

The Importance Of Proper Mulching

Paver walkway with mulch. importance of proper mulching. Atlanta landscaping

Mulch is one of the most beneficial tools in the landscaping toolbox. Not only does it work wonders for a property’s curb appeal, but it also has several important benefits that contribute to both soil and plant health. Most people think about mulching in the spring, when they’re emerging from their long winter’s nap and […]

10 Best Bulbs for Southern Gardens

10 best bulbs for southern gardens. Atlanta landscaping

If you want to have a beautiful garden in the spring, fall is the time to start thinking about bulbs. “Bulbs” is a catchall term for corms, tubers, rhizomes and true bulbs that emerge in the spring. These underground parts act as food storage to ensure the plant’s survival over the winter months. From traditional […]

Firepits or Fireplaces?

Residential landscaping. Outdoor firepits versus fireplaces

There’s nothing quite like sitting around a fire, which is why people have been doing it for thousands of years. We may have a lot more conveniences than our ancestors, but we still appreciate the comfort that a crackling fire brings. Traditional campfires have received a notable upgrade in recent decades as outdoor fireplaces and […]

Manage Japanese Beetles

Controlling Japanese beetles

With iridescent bodies that resemble flying jewels, Japanese beetles are one of the more attractive garden pests in Georgia. However, the damage they cause isn’t so pretty. Left unchecked, an infestation of this non-native species can wreak havoc on flowers, shrubs and vegetables, leaving behind the skeletal remains of your once-thriving garden. In this blog […]

Armyworms: The Marching Menace

It’s summertime in Georgia, which means two things: heat and humidity. With heat and humidity come insects and pests, and one of the most destructive among them are armyworms. Armyworms will feed on vegetables and other plants, but their favorite food source is turf grass. That’s right: armyworms are eating your lawn. Heavy infestations of […]

Plant Ideas for Your Pool

You’ve chosen to install a pool. After hours spent laboring over numerous design choices – size, shape, location and materials – you and your contractor have finally settled on a plan. But an equally important construction aspect can transform your pool from a concrete jungle into a cool, relaxing and visually pleasing paradise: landscape design.  […]