Southern Home Oasis: Covered Patio Ideas

Covered Patio

A covered patio is the perfect addition to your Atlanta backyard to turn it into a haven of comfort and relaxation. However, it’s not a matter of simply building a patio or deck — once you have one, you’ll want to make some design decisions turning it into a true southern home oasis.  That’s where Oasis […]

Fall Planting: 7 Reasons Why Fall is a Great Time to Plant

When discussing factors affecting plant growth in the yard, enthusiasts are quick to note soil quality, plant quality, sun exposure, and location. While these are contributing factors, people often neglect timing. Yes! The time you plant affects the growth of the plant.  If you ask when is perfect for planting, the most common response you’ll get […]

Fall Lawn Care

fall lawn care

Lawn care and maintenance goes beyond mowing, watering, and blowing off dead leaves. It involves caution and strategy to cultivate a healthy lawn lasting several seasons. It would be best to kickstart your lawn care at the right time to achieve this result. Let’s take you through some effective steps to prepare your lawn for […]

Smart Irrigation Systems – Water-Saving Irrigation Solutions

Smart irrigation controller

The integration of modern technology into all aspects of what we do is on the rise, and irrigation is no different. Smart irrigation systems use modern technology to control when, where, and how much water an irrigation system delivers. These systems also provide remote monitoring, automatic alerts, and remote control of the system. A smart […]

Drought Tolerant Landscaping for Hot Southern Summers  

drought tolerant landscaping

Atlanta is known as “Hotlanta” for a reason. With average temperatures reaching ninety degrees during the summer months, Atlanta area residents are no stranger to steamy conditions. Unfortunately, those hot temperatures come with increasing growth and a limited water supply. Reducing demand is critical for long-term sustainability. How can the average property owner help? Consider […]

Tips for Choosing the Right Landscaping Company

landscaping company

Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Confidence Your landscaping says a lot about your home. Great landscape design and diligent maintenance results in valuable curb appeal. Additionally, enhancements like outdoor kitchens or fire pits can help make your outdoor space more useable and enjoyable throughout the year. But how do you know which landscaping company to […]

Grubs in Lawn? How and When to Treat Them

grubs in lawn

Grubs in lawn getting you down? These larval pests feed on turfgrass roots, wreaking havoc in even manicured landscapes. Our guide to lawn grub identification, prevention and treatment can help rid your yard of these destructive insects before they do too much damage.  Identifying Lawn Grubs Lawn grubs are plump, white, C-shaped creatures with three […]

Encore Azaleas

Each spring, vivid displays of color dominate southern landscapes. Many native and hybrid azalea cultivars put on a floral show, but Encore Azaleas are perhaps the most popular.  Encore Azaleas are an azalea cultivar known for their extended bloom time. Their name derives from the fact that they bloom not only in spring, but also […]

10 Common Weeds in Georgia and How to Prevent Them

Common Weeds in GA

There are hundreds of common weeds in Georgia, and most of them find their way into residential lawns and landscapes. Weeds fall into two main category divisions: annual and perennial, and grassy and broadleaf. Annual weeds complete their growing cycle in one season, whereas perennial weeds come back year after year. Grassy weeds resemble lawn […]