Do You Need A Sprinkler System Repair?

It is inevitable your lawn’s sprinkler system won’t last forever. Problems will arise, but when do you know if you need help? Don’t fret. The team at Oasis Landscapes and Irrigation is here to help maintain and repair your sprinkler system.

In the world of sprinkler systems, there are three common problems that often lead to repairs.

Worn Out Seal on Sprinkler Head

Have you ever noticed water leaking from the bottom of your sprinkler head rather than spraying from the nozzle? On each sprinkler head, there is a seal to ensure water is sent straight through to the nozzle and to prevent water from leaking from the base. Over time, the seal slowly wears out. The moment the seal stops working, you’ll likely notice low water pressure coming from the nozzle and more water leaking from the base.

Broken Sprinkler Valves

When one of your sprinkler system’s valves stops working properly, the signs may not be obvious. You may assume it is a problem with a sprinkler head instead. This is because water typically begins to appear in different areas of your lawn, specifically near the lowest sprinkler head controlled by the particular broken sprinkler valve.

The diaphragm within the valve wears out over time and will continuously drip water at the affected sprinkler head. The typical warning signs are large puddles or running water on your curb or driveway.

Old Sprinkler Heads

Other common problems often occur because of aging sprinkler heads. A sprinkler head contains a number of parts to ensure proper and even water distribution to your lawn, and over time, issues can arise including worn out gears of the rotor or stuck fixed sprays. If any part within the sprinkler head stops working, your lawn will likely show signs of overwatering or dry spots.

If you notice any of these issues occurring with your own sprinkler system, call our team at Oasis Landscapes and Irrigation. We have the capabilities to quickly repair your lawn’s system. We are the experts in sprinkler system repair and maintenance in Atlanta!