Beautify Your Side Yard With These 7 Side Yard Ideas

It’s no secret that the side-yard is sometimes overlooked as an important part of residential landscaping. “Often neglected, seldom perfected” might easily apply as its mantra. However, side yards are an important pathway between the front and back areas of the home. Good landscaping can convert something ordinary into a visual Wonderland, and it doesn’t take an engineering degree to get it done. There are other benefits, as well, not the least of which is adding value to the home.

Here are seven inspiring ideas for transforming your side yard.

  1. Create an Interesting Path
    Side yards are used as a means to travel from the front to the back of the house. Embracing this function, add a walkway. In addition to making your footing sure, a walkway defines the space and clarifies its purpose. Paths can be made of stepping stones, pavers, concrete or other materials. If the side yard is sloped, be sure to incorporate steps.
  2. Make an Entrance
    Give your side yard an entryway to add drama and create interest. A gate could make an inviting opening to a beautiful pathway, or a trellis covered with flowering vines.
  3. Focus on the Journey
    An interesting journey has something to look at. Add ornaments into the trees like bird feeders, a birdbath, globes in the ground, the occasional potted plant. And don’t forget to decorate upwards. Trellises and wall hangings will add beauty to the mix.
  4. Utilize the Space
    Being a less visible area, side yards can also be used to provide needed space for potting, composting, tool storage and other such activities. Discretion, however, is vital in housing such items to avoid distracting from the star of the show and the beauty, charm and peace it provides. Don’t let your side yard be the place for clutter.
  5. Create a Shade Garden
    Attractive plantings in the side yard will transform the space. Most side yards are shady, so consider low light plants that will thrive in these conditions, such as ferns, hostas, hydrangeas, camellia bushes, and the like.
  6. Rest a Bit
    Now that you have created a beautiful area out of your side yard, stop to enjoy it. If your side yard is large enough, a seating nook can turn it into a private getaway.
  7. Consider the Exit
    With a noteworthy entryway and a lovely path to follow, the exit must not be neglected. A gate at the rear won’t necessarily be out of place provided it holds its own in good looks and utility. Consider having a focal point as you near the end of the side yard, such as a strategically placed object of art or well-framed view.

With some creativity and inspiration, you can transform what could have been forgotten space into an enjoyable outdoor area. Have ideas for your side yard? Let us know in the comments below.