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Don’t let drainage problems disrupt your landscape. Drainage can prove to be big trouble for homes and commercial properties. Issues start small with a puddle or two in the basement or standing water in the yard after a rainstorm, but water build-up may get subtly worse until you find significant damage.

Georgia’s famous red clay means there is a lot of need for drainage solutions in the Atlanta area. You’ll prevent headaches and save a small fortune on repairs if you address those drainage problems before they escalate. We can implement specialized water drainage solutions for your landscape as soon as you see the signs. 

External drainage solutions

Common Signs of Drainage Problems

Soil run-off: When everything is working properly, topsoil should stay in place. If there’s a problem, silt, gravel, or mulch gets carried away in visible sheets of rain and deposited elsewhere.

Cracks in the Foundation or Basement Walls: It’s normal for foundations to develop small cracks due to geological shifting and the house settling. However, more significant gaps—anything greater than a quarter of an inch—should be addressed.

Watermarks: Water stains left on walls and by windows indicate possible sources of infiltration, grading problems, and clogged or missing window well drains.

Mold or mildew in the attic: The attic may seem like an odd place to look for drainage problems. Moisture from the basement or ground floor can rise to the top of a building and condense on the attic ceiling, leading to the growth of mold or mildew.

Downspouts are dumping water onto your foundation: Downspouts should divert water at least five feet away from the foundation. 

Deposits and flaking on the basement walls: A dull white or gray crust on your basement walls is a mineral deposit left behind when water evaporates. 

Clogged gutters: If water spills over the edges of your gutters, sprays at the elbow joints, or doesn’t flow out of the bottom of the downspout extensions, your gutters may be clogged. 

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If you see any of these signs around your home or business, it is crucial to determine the root cause of the problem so you can address the situation head-on. It may be an easy remedy! You can often solve basement water problems by installing a sump pump or having the basement waterproofed. To prevent water build-up around your foundation, attach rain barrels or diverters to your downspouts. If your gutters are overflowing, you may just need to clear out the leaves that are clogging the downspout or adjust the gutter to be angled appropriately. If that doesn’t help, you might need to purchase new gutters. Of course, if you’ve tried taking these “subtle measures” and you still have problems, your best bet is to call in professional landscape drainage solutions

Residential landscaping. Retaining wall. brick retaining wall above french drain

The team at Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation is happy to help. We can diagnose the problem, assess the drainage issue, and suggest repairs and solutions that suit your drainage needs. Even though you might be concerned about water build-up in and around the property, a “landscape solution” might be what you need. For instance, you could create a “berm” (a mound of soil) in the part of your yard where you are having the drainage issue, or a “swale” (a wide, shallow ditch) may help redirect the flow of water away from your home. Grading or putting in a dry well or retaining wall may also help. We can easily take care of these things for you. 

Oasis wants to help you avoid severe landscape and property damage. We will design and implement dependable drainage systems that will protect your property for a lifetime.

If you notice any signs of drainage problems in landscape, just contact us to schedule a free estimate. We will turn your water nightmares into drainage solutions.


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