Sod Installation

Oasis Landscapes is known for our professional sod installation and maintenance services. Each customer is provided with a free sod estimate prior to service. When it comes to installation, our team will convert your yard into a beautiful lush lawn in just a few hours. Installing sod is an investment in the long run, and you will be instantly gratified with our work.
Residential Landscaping Sod

Our Sod Installation Process

Once you’re ready to have Oasis install your sod, our team will prepare the site for installation during the grading phase. During grading, we will remove all debris from your yard, including lawn grass, dirt chunks, weeds, and clay. Next, we will roll the topsoil evenly to compress and clear all problem areas before installation. We will even test your irrigation to ensure nothing has been damaged during the grading process. Once the soil is prepared, our experts will lay the new sod tightly together, making sure edges do not overlap or are visible. We will trim the sod fragments, ensuring the sod is placed evenly. Next, we will roll the sod properly before the watering and fertilization process.

Sod Maintenance

We also do maintenance! Rest assured that by enrolling in a sod maintenance plan with Oasis, you can enjoy a beautiful thriving yard without doing the work yourself. Learn more about the benefits of sod here.

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