Hardscapes and retaining walls

Hardscapes can be major feature points of your landscape design. They act as a cornerstone, around which we can build your seasonal softscapes. Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation installs beautiful, durable hardscapes that will enhance your Atlanta landscape.  

In fact, hardscapes are just as important as softscapes in landscaping. Even the most attractive home can appear lackluster without proper exterior design and maintenance.   

Your landscape needs a balanced composition of textures to give it the “wow” factor. Our designers can add substantial dimension to your yard with beautiful, practical, low maintenance pathways and structures. Additionally, we work with a variety of hardscaping materials to complement any aesthetic.  

Oasis can take care of it all to ensure your landscaping lives up to its potential.

How We Do it

Above all, Oasis is a landscapes and hardscapes company. Our staff of professionally trained landscape experts include specialists on hardscape construction in stonework or masonry. Our hardscape installs will enhance your exterior living space by adding structure to backyard gardens and plant life.

Hardscapes We Construct

  • Stacked stone walls
  • Cross tie walls 
  • Retaining walls
  • Stone patios, concrete patios, and brick patios
  • Stone or decking walkways 
  • Pergolas, arbors, and gazebos 
  • Fountains and other water features 
  • Garden steps and beds 
  • Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits  
  • Outdoor kitchens and dining areas

Have questions? Call (770) 609-1871 to speak with one of our hardscape experts!  

Residential landscaping. Retaining wall

Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls or gravity walls are one of the most important hardscape projects. They hold back or retain earth pressure in order to provide a level surface for lawns, patios, and gardens.  

Given the hilly terrain in North Georgia, they are often a necessary hardscaping addition to Atlanta homes.   

Retaining walls are not only functional, however. They can also be aesthetically pleasing. They add a layered vertical pattern element in the landscape.   

The type of retaining wall material can itself enhance your landscape. From concrete blocks to brick to natural stones, they contribute substance and texture.  

Additionally, retaining walls can be combined with flower beds and water features to create a true outdoor oasis.

Residential landscaping. Retaining wall and lawn

Benefits of retaining walls

  • Add terracing
  • Functional support for keeping up to 20 tons of soil in place 
  • Eliminate water runoff and flooding due to eroding foundations 
  • Prevent sink holes 
  • Control erosion of slopes during rainfall
  • Eliminate dirt piles, hills and other eyesores 
  • Solve drainage problems 
  • Establish distinct areas between different features in the yard
  • Create smooth transi­tion between levels  
  • Level uneven lawns and direct drainage 
  • Create usable garden spaces 
Residential landscaping. Steep retaining walls behind homes

Retaining Walls Help Control Erosion

The primary reason for constructing retaining walls is to prevent soil erosion. In addition to hilly topography, our clay soil doesn’t absorb water well. That leads to runoff. As a result, erosion can be a major challenge around Atlanta.   

Hills and slopes are certainly prone to erosion. Georgia experiences a considerable amount of rainfall each year. Therefore, it’s not surprising that unstable soil is a huge problem in our area.  

If you have a sloping yard, you run the risk of surface runoff during a heavy rainfall. Consequently, your topsoil is literally washed away.   

Runoff makes your yard less usable. It can also ruin your landscaping. A retaining wall provides a barrier to keep your soil in place. For example, it can prevent mud from sliding down the slope.  

The materials used in retaining walls stand up to long-term exposure to water. Most importantly, they act as a drain­age regulator to provide controlled runoff. When water and mud are channeled, it reduces the possibility of costly damage later.

Retaining Walls Add Visual Enhancement & Improve Property Value

In addition to practical reasons, many homeowners choose to install a retaining wall because they look good. They create an impressive visual presence in the landscape. Proper retaining wall installation can dramatically enhance any area.   

Additionally, they frequently offer financial benefits. Industry professionals report that hardscaping improvements can increase property value. The estimated ROI for a retaining wall is between 100-200%.   

There is a wide range of materials available for building retaining walls. For example, natural stone, composite blocks and interlocking concrete pavers are popular choices.   

Natural stone retaining walls blend well with the environment. Further, they require minimal maintenance. Stones can be mortared together or dry stacked for the most rustic and natural aesthetic.  

On the other hand, concrete retaining wall blocks and interlocking pavers do not require mortar. Their uniform structure provides a more manicured appearance.   

Whichever material you choose is a matter of per­sonal preference. However, some materials or techniques may function better, depending on the project.   

The team at Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation is always happy to advise you on retaining wall ideas. We can help you select the best mater­ials for your yard and your budget. 

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Our experience in installing top-quality hardscapes and retaining walls means we will do the job right. If you are interested in a retaining wall or other hardscaping and landscaping services, contact us for a free quote today. Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation would love to be a part of your landscape design solutions.

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