Outdoor Fireplaces Design and Installation

Dreaming of an outdoor fire feature to enhance your backyard? Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation installs custom outdoor fireplaces in the Atlanta area. 

Outdoor living is trending more popular than ever these days. Recent research shows that homeowners spend more time outdoors after completing landscape projects. That’s a great reason to get started!

When it comes to elevating your outdoor space, fire features are one of the most effective landscape projects. Fire is a primal element that provides both light and warmth. It’s a natural draw for any social gathering. 

Installing hardscape features such as outdoor fireplaces is a great way to take your outdoor living to the next level. 

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Outdoor Fireplaces Design

Fireplaces are very traditional design features. Not only do they provide a source of comfort, but the hearth is often considered the very heart of a home. 

Outdoor fireplaces carry that same sense of timelessness outside. Even if your design aesthetic is quite modern, an outdoor fireplace embodies all the comforts of home. 

When it comes to outdoor fireplace ideas, the sky is quite literally the limit! They can be constructed from stone veneer, brick, stucco, and almost any weather and fire-resistant material. There are also multiple options for fuel sources, from wood to natural gas to propane.

Our certified design professionals will build a stucco, brick, or stone fireplace that suits your style. We will ensure the design blends seamlessly into your outdoor space. 

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Are Outdoor Fireplaces Worth It?

You may be wondering if an outdoor fireplace is worth the investment. In short, yes! Outdoor fireplaces offer many benefits that will elevate and enhance your landscape.  

More Living Space

One of the biggest advantages of outdoor living is getting out of the house. We’re fortunate in the Atlanta area to enjoy a relatively mild climate most of the year. But if your backyard hardscapes and landscape are lackluster, they may not entice you away from the TV or AC.

A fireplace outdoors can transform your space. They create an anchor around which you can add seating, entertainment, and other draws. By providing heat, they also allow you to use your patio, porch, or backyard even in cold weather. 

Higher Resale Value

Most homeowners tackle home improvement projects solely for their own enjoyment. However, it’s always reassuring to know that the time and money you’ve invested wasn’t purely a “sunk cost.”

Luckily, research shows that outdoor fireplaces can add to the value of your property. An attractive and functional outdoor living space can increase your home’s value by as much as 20%. 

Recent research by real estate industry professionals suggests that outdoor fire features are in high demand. Prospective homebuyers are looking for enhanced outdoor living areas, and favor properties that offer well designed spaces. In fact, they’re so popular that outdoor fireplaces can bring a truly impressive 500% return on investment!   

A focal Point for Entertaining

Who doesn’t love entertaining in the summer? Backyard barbeques, patio dining, making s’mores and conversation by firelight. 

Fire features make outdoor social gatherings easier than ever. They help define your outdoor space, making it cozier, more fun, and even more sophisticated. 

Add bistro lights or another form of outdoor lighting, and your backyard becomes a festive outdoor living room. Your goal might be heightened family enjoyment. Or maybe you want to create the social hub of the neighborhood. Whatever your objective, a backyard fireplace can improve your way of living. 

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Outdoor Fireplaces: Things to Consider

Now that you’ve decided to go ahead with your landscape improvement project, it’s time to nail down the design details. There are several things to consider:

Where Will I Put It?

Location is everything, and this is true of outdoor fire features, too. First, how much space do you have? 

For confined spaces like patios and porches, an outdoor fireplace is a suitable choice. Their structure can help create a wall for better privacy from nearby neighbors. Their limited footprint also allows for seating or dining areas to coexist in the same space.   

For larger areas, a fireplace acts as a focal point for your outdoor living area. Combined with a full outdoor kitchen or pavilion, an outdoor fireplace provides a visual anchor around which you can build.

How Will I use It?

Your lifestyle is a big determiner in choosing an outdoor fireplace to suit your needs. For example, if you’re the type to enjoy sitting alone outside on a cool evening, a simple fireplace built on your covered porch or patio might fit you best.  

Or are you more the wine, cheese, and conversation type? 

When combined with a dining area and outdoor kitchen or bar, an outdoor fireplace provides both warmth and ambiance. From tapas to gourmet meals, your elevated outdoor living space will be your go-to spot for entertaining. 

Is Maintenance Difficult or Time-Consuming?

Outdoor fireplaces do require a degree of maintenance. The fuel type you choose will determine the maintenance required. 

Traditional wood-burning fire features require fire-tending and ash removal, as well as periodic cleaning. They also require a drainage system to avoid rainwater building up.

On the other hand, gas fireplaces make it easy to keep the flame going consistently. Like their wood burning counterparts, they do require a drain to avoid becoming a water feature. Further, you’ll need to keep the burners, vents and drains free from debris.

Once you’ve answered these questions and determined how an outdoor fireplace will fit into your lifestyle, you can choose the materials that best complement your aesthetic.

Need more information on choosing an outdoor fireplace or fire pit? Check out our blog!

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