The Oasis Landscape Design Process

Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation is your premier Atlanta landscape designer. We offer comprehensive landscape design services in the entire metro area.  The landscape design process is the foundation for building the yard of your dreams.  

At Oasis, your dream is our creation. Our accredited designers have a passion for their work that translates into landscapes as functional as they are beautiful. They will work with you to produce a design that suits your location, complements your design aesthetic, and enhances your lifestyle.

What Happens During the Oasis Landscape Design Process?

We can break down the full landscape design process into six steps: initial consultation and site analysis, proposal presentation, final plan review, agreement process, build install, and project completion.

Oasis Landscape Design process

Step One: Initial Consult

Firstly, we ask the right questions. During the initial consultation, your landscape designer will determine your needs and goals for the project.    

A design brief is the landscape architect’s way of getting to know you, so that we can best accommodate your vision.    

How you currently use your space versus how you’d like to use it is an important consideration. Things like privacy, pet needs, and entertaining habits are taken into account.    

Most importantly, we want to hear about your dreams for the space.   

Our designers will also take the time to mention any potential elements or challenges to do with your landscape that may need considering. This ensures the whole project starts on a solid foundation.

Site Inventory and Analysis

After that, it’s time to get to know your site. This is comprised of two parts: offsite project research, and onsite analysis.   

Offsite project research entails identifying government requirements, restrictions, and regulations that may affect your property.    

However, the onsite analysis is where the real work begins. Before developing a design, we take several site features into account.


In short, this is the basic size and shape of your property. We consider setbacks, easements, and other legal boundaries when determining the usable space.   


Dividing your outdoor space into microclimates based on water availability helps group plants with similar needs. This contributes to an optimal environment for successful growth.   

Existing Features   

Trees, fences, structures and infrastructure have to be integrated, worked around, or removed, as determined by the project’s overall objectives.   

Views and Lines of Sight   

If you purchased a property with a scenic view, we make sure to incorporate it into the design plan. A big part of effective landscape design is showcasing natural attractions and features.   

Sunlight and Shade   

Light is a major consideration in both softscape and hardscape positioning. Most plants require specific light environments to thrive. Similarly, patios, pool decks, and other hardscapes benefit from taking advantage of the ebb and flow of natural sunlight.   

Planting Zone   

The Atlanta area falls into zones 7 and 8 on the USDA hardiness scale. Installing native plants and vegetation that thrive in those zones is key to a healthy and beautiful landscape.   

Soil type, wind, and topography also play a role in developing a workable landscape design. 

Step Two: Proposal Presentation

Now that we know you, your property, and your objectives, it’s time to start fleshing out the design.    

Our talented designers begin creating inspired ideas for your landscaping project. After that, we identify design elements, focal points and potential materials.    

We then present 2D and 3D color renderings to visually communicate the project.

landscaping financing

Step Three: Final Plan Review

It’s time to finalize the budget. With a detailed design, we can provide you with the projected expenditure for the landscape design project. Accounting for project size and materials helps give everyone a fuller picture of how the project will proceed.   

As a final stage before construction begins, we make adjustments to the master plans as appropriate. These may be budget-related or design-related changes depending on the project needs. However, they will never compromise the quality of the final product. The budget is adjusted as needed, and final pricing given.

Step Four: Agreement Process

The landscape contract agreement includes a detailed description of the landscaping services to be performed at your location. It also includes the projected timeline, schedule and warranty terms.  

Step Five: Build/Install

After the investment in consulting, planning, and design has paved the way for success, construction begins.    

Throughout the construction process, a project manager and your landscape designer will be hands-on in the process. The project manager handles construction details, overseeing the quality and schedule of your project.    

All construction projects experience challenges throughout the building process. However, landscape designers also face a level of unpredictability thanks to Mother Nature. The knowledgeable and experienced designers at Oasis have what it takes to meet those challenges.    

We problem solve and offer new solutions based on day-to-day changes in the job site. We keep you well informed of the progress, so that you always know where things stand. Above all, we go the extra mile to ensure your vision becomes a reality.  

Step Six: Project Completion

The final walk-through is the last stage of the landscape design process. We want to ensure every detail of the projects meets with or exceeds your expectations. We won’t leave until you’re satisfied. 

Payment is due at this time, per the contract agreement. Additionally, we may ask for an online review. 

Design & Build Your Landscape with Oasis

Professional landscape design and construction results in a transformed space that you’ll be enjoying for decades. The Oasis team is dedicated to implementing the best landscape design solutions for you and your Atlanta area home.    

If you’re interested in getting started, now is a great time to give us a call, or contact us here! Our landscape design team looks forward to hearing from you. 

Hear From Our Clients:

“...we decided to go with Oasis Landscape and Irrigation, based on Rod's professionalism, pleasant personality, and responsiveness to our needs. Our project began and finished on time, and Rod was there throughout the entire yard prep and installation to oversee the process.”

Bonnie C.

Rod was / is incredibly responsive, innovative, and accommodating as we work through the landscape / hardscape / kitchen design for our home. We are very happy with the process and final product, and look forward to working with Oasis and your fantastic team in the future!

Keeli J.

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